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SENS for the Cycling Lifestyle

Posted by Bertrand Groulx on

Whether you’re a road rider or mountain biker you likely have these things in common: 1) Stink: you sweat a lot on a hard ride, particularly in the three spots where odor-causing bacteria and high-protein...

Skin Rescue Burn Testimonial

Posted by Bertrand Groulx on

We have received dozens of testimonials for Skin Rescue for a variety of uses including dry skin, eczema, diaper rashes, earring infections, cuts, scrapes, reducing inflammation after waxing/shaving, bee stings, mask-acne… and the list goes...

How to prove your products are natural.

Posted by Bertrand Groulx on
When asked to “prove it is natural” here’s what our president came up with. We challenge other health & beauty product executives to do the same. Are you up for the challenge?

The 7 Stages of a Purpose-driven Brand

Posted by Bertrand Groulx on

When we embarked on our journey to build a purpose-driven brand of products that fulfilled our own health, sustainability and social ideals, I had no idea we could come this far in just 8 months....

Mask Acne (Maskne) Relief

Posted by Bertrand Groulx on
You have a filthy mouth! In fact, all of our mouths are teaming with bacteria in large quantities and are the ultimate feedstock for mask acne, or “maskne”. It’s a common problem for those that wear masks for hours on end, from frontline healthcare workers to children going to school. 

Rethink Hockey Gear Stink

Posted by Bertrand Groulx on

When I was a kid helping my dad fix a leak in the roof, “He said if you want to stop water, you have to think like water.” So, to stop the pinnacle of stink,...

HOCl: the versatile good-for-your-skin ingredient

Posted by Bertrand Groulx on

What is HOCL, and why the H*LL should I care? Hypochlorous acid, also known as HOCl (btw, the last letter is actually a lower-case L) is the most amazing chemistry most people have never heard...