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How to prove your products are natural.

Posted by Bertrand Groulx on
How to prove your products are natural.

The word “natural” is increasingly used to mislead consumers, attempting to convey that products are healthy, non-toxic or gentle. There is no standard definition for the word natural when it comes to consumer goods and no discernible constraints on the use of this term.  In fact, many poisons, toxins and even oil and gas could be legitimately labeled natural, or naturally occurring.

At when we say our products are natural we mean they contain two ingredients – pure water and HOCl, a substance that is created by our own bodies. Perfected by Mother Nature, and scientifically proven, it kills unwanted bacteria and pathogens and promotes the healing of damaged skin. Because it is native to our bodies it is hypoallergenic and gentle on even the most sensitive skin.  Our flagship product, Skin Rescue, isn’t just a great toner, it helps prevent mask acne, soothes inflammation and promotes sting-free healing of damaged skin.

Apart from sharing dozens of scientific papers, when asked to “prove that it's natural” here’s what our president came up with. We challenge other health & beauty product executives to do the same. Are you up for the challenge?


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