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Mask Acne (Maskne) Relief

Posted by Bertrand Groulx on
Mask Acne (Maskne) Relief

You have a filthy mouth!  In fact, all of our mouths are teaming with bacteria in large quantities and are the ultimate feedstock for mask acne, or “maskne”.  It’s a common problem for those that wear masks for hours on end, from frontline healthcare workers to children going to school. To prevent maskne, my daughters and I use Skin Rescue with the versatile good-for-your-skin ingredient hypochlorous acid (HOCl). HOCl sprayed on your skin helps break down oils, tones skin and eliminates bacteria. It’s hypoallergenic, the same pH as healthy skin, gentle-enough for your child’s face and scientifically proven to eliminate bacteria and promote healing. A gentle spray on your face (patting it dry) several times a day can prevent maskne and leave your face feeling fresh. I also like to spray my face several times a day to get rid of oils that make my glasses slide down my nose (insert mental image of geek here).


How HOCl Combats Maskne

So, to paint a better picture of why the HOCl in Skin Rescue is a perfect combatant against maskne, let’s look at what masks do to your face. Masks cause friction & pressure on skin, trap moisture and sweat on your face, which opens pores while bacteria from your mouth accumulates. While we live in conditions where we can’t avoid wearing masks, we can use HOCl to do four things to help prevent maskne:

1) eliminate accumulations of bacteria

2) break down oils

3) relieve inflammation

4) tone skin, shrinking pores and leaving your face feeling fresh

Using clean masks, changing masks regularly and spaying your mask with Skin Rescue after use can help reduce bacteria accumulations on your skin and mask. Toting around an HOCl skin spray is “like carrying a hand sanitizer for your face” explains Michelle Henry, M.D., clinical instructor of dermatology at Weill Medical College in New York City.6 "Because hypochlorous acid is naturally found in your immune system, it's non-irritating and an excellent ingredient for sensitive skin" points out Stacy Chimento, M.D, Dermatologist.6


Maskne Can Affect Anyone

Maskne not only affects those with acne prone skin, but those who have never had acne before. It occurs differently from person to person and season to season. In warmer seasons the combination of sweat, oil and moisture are more likely to clog pores. In colder seasons, or when skin is drier-than-usual, follicles can break open from mask friction and get infections (folliculitis) that look like pimples.5 In fact wearing the same ball-cap everyday creates similar acne-causing conditions accumulating moisture, oil and bacteria along with friction that results in acne on your forehead.  HOCl can also be applied to any clothing that contributes to acne or as a pillow spray to eliminate bacteria that accumulates while we sleep.


Acne Treatment & Prevention

Acne in general is a form of inflammation resulting from hair follicles being clogged with oil and dead skin cells and bacteria.1 Acne is very slow to heal,1 so your best offense is a good defense:

  • Wash your face regularly with a gentle cleanser2,3
  • Avoid make-up and “moisturizing” products that can clog pores and prolong healing2,3,4,5
  • If you need to moisturize use noncomedogenic oils2
  • Remove, and change, your mask in regular intervals (at least a 15-minute break every 4 hours)2,4
  • Use a topical HOCl spray (Skin Rescue) several times a day to prevent acne-causing conditions from reaching a critical state6
  • Wash reusable masks daily in a fragrance-free laundry soap, as fragrances are common skin irritants3,4,5

The best way to treat acne is to remove the acne-causing oils, dead skin and bacteria and avoid irritants. Stick with gentle cleansers, avoiding irritants including some facial scrubs, greasy cosmetics of any kind, products that dry the skin and friction or pressure on the skin.1 Acne is slow to heal, so be diligent with your routines, be patient and spray your face regularly with Skin Rescue, particularly when wearing a mask for long periods of time. Good luck out there. Be safe and blemish-free.


Never in my life did I have acne. My skin was always clear until Covid. Masks day in and day out made me break out like a preteen. My maskne kept getting worse and worse and face cleaning wipes weren’t cutting it. I tried SENS Skin Rescue regularly and within two weeks my face was looking much less teenaged. And the best part… it didn’t dry out my face like the other products. Fast forward to today, about three weeks later and I feel free to have a naked face in public again!” 
Chantal Crockatt, Gal Friday Marketing


Our Commitment to Sustainability & Affordability

We built SENS Skin Rescue knowing we were starting with a healthy, naturally occurring ingredient that was good for people. We also want to package our products so they’re good for the planet. By selling reusable spray bottles (that are fully recyclable) and offering “refill not landfill” options, we’re producing less plastic and lowering costs for you. We want our Skin Rescue HOCl spray to be accessible to anyone who could benefit from its protecting and healing properties.

Refill Not Landfill = Sustainability + Affordability 




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