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SENS for the Cycling Lifestyle

Posted by Bertrand Groulx on
SENS for the Cycling Lifestyle

Whether you’re a road rider or mountain biker you likely have these things in common:

1) Stink: you sweat a lot on a hard ride, particularly in the three spots where odor-causing bacteria and high-protein sweat collect and stink accumulates:

    • Armpits
    • Crotch
    • Feet

2) Crashes: When you crash, cleaning scrapes (sooner than later) is important to avoid infection.
3) Sweaty ride home: If you drive to a location for your ride, the return trip  can have you feeling less-than-fresh.
4) Rest-stop toilets: You often find yourself in recreation areas where you’re using a rest-stop or gas station toilet with thin, scratchy toilet paper (you know what I’m talking about).

    In fact, you can say the same thing for many other outdoor sports.

    At we have developed a suite of non-toxic, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic products using hypochlorous acid (HOCl) that is scientifically proven to be effective at addressing the issues above. If you haven’t heard about HOCl, a chemical naturally produced by our bodies, and why it is hypoallergenic, check out this blog.

    1) Stink: Everywhere Deodorizer is a deodorizer that eliminates odor and can be applied to all of your gear without leaving a fragrance or residue; for best results spray when it is freshly sweaty and stinky. Any synthetic fabrics are going to harbor odor-causing bacteria and protein-rich sweat deep in the hollow fibers. The hydrophilic affect of water means that when it is freshly wet it is more likely to draw the HOCl into the fabric where it oxidizes the odor molecules and kills the bacteria that causes the odor. Simply washing synthetics doesn’t yield great results and the odor gets quickly activated the next time you wear it. This blog explains why Everywhere Deodorizer is so popular with hockey players.

    Check out a testimonial an avid rider sent us:

    “I’m your typical avid rider & weekend warrior - my jerseys and workout shirts are constantly being used and dropped into the laundry hamper. Even after washing, they end up smelling and eventually become borderline unusable. SENS’ Everywhere Deodorizer has pressed the reset button on the stink - the jerseys and shirts no longer offend me or my riding buddies.” Ryan Keesey
    2) Crashes: The pH of Skin Rescue has the same acidity as healthy skin, resulting in a non-sting way to clean out scrapes and leverage the healing benefits of HOCl. Check out it being sprayed on a freshly skinned knee and how it helped heal a severe burn. It also is great for soothing sunburn, windburn and sweat rashes. It can deodorize skin as well, in case you don’t want to smell your armpits, and feet, the entire drive home.
    3) Sweaty ride home: Our Face & Body Wipes are plant-based biodegradable wipes that are perfect for a quick freshen up on the road, or in your office if you’re a commuter.
    4) Rest-stop toilets: Consider a little cush for your tush. Your bottom worked hard sitting on your saddle for hours and doesn’t deserve thin, scratchy toilet paper. Your bottom will thank you for having flushable Butt Wipes on hand … yup, we called ‘em Butt Wipes, but you can use them anywhere on your body.

    Try one, or all, of our products to make your active lifestyle much more comfortable. Contact if you have any questions.


    Our Commitment to Sustainability & Affordability

    We built SENS products knowing we were starting with a healthy, naturally-occurring ingredient that is safe for people and scientifically-proven to be effective. We also want to package our products so they’re good for the planet. By selling reusable spray bottles (that are fully recyclable) and offering “refill not landfill” options, we’re producing less plastic and lowering costs for you.

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