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HOCI. Created by nature. Supercharged by science.

SENS products use pure hypochlorous acid, a naturally occurring substance generated by the human body to protect itself. It’s nature’s perfect solution – a healing agent for wounds that also kills unwanted bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Our specially formulated products are scientifically proven to be effective without harmful chemicals.  

And although HOCI was discovered in the early 19th century, until recently it wasn’t possible to produce it in a stable form with a long shelf life. Thanks to technological advancements and our own proprietary methods, we’re now able to offer the benefits of pure HOCI in SENS products.

HOCI is:

  • non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and has the same pH (slightly acidic) as healthy skin
  • approved for use in post-operative care, wound healing, and external eye care
  • effective at killing odor-causing bacteria, making it an effective deodorizing agent

    Proudly made in Canada

    Strict production & quality control

     100% natural ingredients

    100% pure with no additives

    100% natural

    SENS products are made from pure and natural ingredients that are effective and safe.

    Zero unwanted ingredients

    We only include necessary ingredients and leave out unwanted, harmful chemicals.

    Using the power of HOCl

    Hypochlorous acid is an antiseptic that cleans, heals, and occurs naturally in our bodies.


    Because our ingredients are body-native, they’re hypoallergenic and ideal for sensitive skin.