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Tips & Uses

All Natural Skin Cleanser+

Acne: spray on acne areas and pat dry to reduce and prevent breakouts and speed healing.

Aftershave: whether you're shaving your face, head, legs or bikini area, spray on liberally and pat dry to alleviate irritation & redness from all those microlesions.

Band-Aids: clean your wound, dry and put on a bandage. Soak the outside of the bandage on the pad area with Skin Cleanser+ to get the protection & healing support your body needs.

Burns: whether it be a sunburn, touching a hot stove or burns from cancer radiation treatments, this gentle formulation soothes and promotes healing. Apply regularly and let air dry.

Chronic Wounds: if you have diabetes, or a condition with chronic wounds, HOCl can help reduce inflammation, prevent infection and promote healing.

Deodorant: to reduce body odour during the day, spray, wait a minute and wipe dry.

Earrings & Piercings: apply to treat infection. Use regularly to clean and prevent infection.

Eczema Relief: research, and our many customers, demonstrate the healing effects that HOCl has on damaged skin and its ability to protect the moisture barrier.

Face Refresh: spray your face and pat dry to get rid of oiliness on the skin and to refresh. Works great on shiny spots on your face during those many virtual meetings.

Hands: relieve redness and dryness caused by other harsh hand sanitizers. Use this as an alternative to your primary hand sanitizer and enjoy its healing and soothing properties.

Make-up Remover: to give you an extra clean after removing make-up, spray, pat and gently wipe around eye areas. Eyelid safe.

Mask-Acne: apply to face regularly throughout the day to reduce mask-acne.

Mask Deodorizer: when you don’t get a chance to wash your mask as much as you’d like, give it a spray and let air dry.

Medical Access Points: for those with medical conditions that require a stoma, PICC or blood sugar monitors, use this regularly to clean the access point to prevent infection and inflammation.

Pet First Aid: don’t forget your furry friends. Spray cracked paws, cuts, scrapes and wounds to prevent infection and promote healing. Let it sit on the affected area for a minute or two. Wipe off excess and be confident that licking it won't harm them.

Rashes & Inflammation: inflammation is the result of your body sending white blood cells to infected regions. The dilation of blood vessels is how inflammation occurs. Regular application of HOCl topically signals the body that its defense mechanisms are present thereby reducing the inflammatory cascade and calming the immune system.

Scrapes & Cuts: infections can easily happen if wounds are not cleaned well and quickly. Spray on areas to flush out debris and keep bacteria out. It’s the same pH of skin and something your body naturally produces, which is why it results in little to no stinging.

Waxing: whether you're waxing eyebrows or bikini area, spray on liberally and pat dry to alleviate irritation & redness.  

Cleanser + Deodorizer


Door Handles, Counters, Kitchens: safe on any hard surface, including food preparation surfaces with no-rinse required. High touch surface can be treated often without causing any damage.

Floors: hate rinsing or streaking? Try it in your refillable spray mop with a machine washable pad for great results.

Headphones & Earbuds: your wearing and touching headphones throughout the day. Give them a gentle spray and wipe away, avoiding water-sensitive openings.

Flowers: pour in 25-50 mL (one or two ounces) into your vase water to make your blooms last

Humidifier: add to an empty humidifier, shake, let rest, then empty for a clean humidifier

Mirrors & Glass: streak free cleaning with a lint free cloth.

Mouth Guards & Toothbrushes: these can accumulate bacteria very quickly. Spray, let dry, and rinse.

Packages: to ensure deliveries don’t have any unwanted germy hitchhikers, spray and let dry or wipe as needed.

Patio Furniture: mold and mildew like the patio as much as you. Freshen them up with a generous rinse-free spray.

Phones: your hands are on your phone all day. Give it a gentle spray and wipe away avoiding water-sensitive openings.

Pillow Spray: help reduce the effects of pillow accumulations on acne. Freshen your pillow, pat and let dry.

Plastic Dishes: you can’t put them in the dishwasher - use this to ensure they are clean and safe.

Remote Controls: so many buttons, so many germs. Spray and wipe your remote regularly (especially in hotel rooms).

Reusable Shopping Bags: catch those unwanted hitchhikers on any reusable item you use for shopping.

Shoes & Footwear: saturate shoe insoles, slippers & sandals heavily for the first treatment and let air dry. Spray gently every time you wear to keep odors from coming back.

Sponges & Scrubbies: These things are damp all day and get scrungy. Spray and saturate to get rid of that unwanted kitchen smell.

Stainless Steel Appliances: streak free stainless cleaning with a lint free cloth. Regular use recommended.

Stinky Laundry: HOCl is fabric safe! Spray any stinky laundry to remove the source of the smell (bras, running gear, dance shoes, dish rags etc.). The bigger the stink, the bigger the spray. Spray stinky pits when you remove your shirt, before putting it in the hamper.

Stinky Pails: spray garbage, compost & diaper pails that get stinky. Spray generously and let dry.

Washing Machines: spray moldy rubber gaskets after each load. Wipe, spray thoroughly and let dry.


Baby Gear: highchairs, toys, car seats and strollers should be cleaned regularly. Spray and wipe or spray, let dry and rinse anything they put in their mouth… which is often most things.

Backpacks & Lunchboxes: catch those unwanted hitchhikers on the things your kids use at school.

Sippies, Drinking Bottles & Reusable Straws: spray, shake, let dry, rinse.

Soothers: drop a soother on the floor? Give it a spay, wait several seconds, give it a wipe and you're good to go.

Stinky Pails: spray garbage, compost & diaper pails that get stinky. Spray generously and let dry.

Stuffies: anytime you want to deodorize or sanitize a stuffie… you can do it knowing its safe for the little ones.

Toys: from Lego, to toy cars to bath toys. Spray down, let dry.

Vehicles: clean windows, seats, consoles and rugs. Safe for all surfaces.

Athletic, Sports & Camping

Athletic Apparel: sports clothing made of synthetic products can accumulate stink. Spray on sweaty/stinky armpits or other areas to restore the freshness. The bigger the stink, the more you should apply.

Balls & Rackets: the tools of sport also collect germs and bacteria. Spray and let dry after every use.

Campers: campers and recreational vehicles accumulate mold and mildew smells over time. After every use spray thoroughly, walk away and let dry.

Camping Gear: spray down your gear and let dry (no rinsing) before storing to avoid mold and mildew.

Dance & Gymnastics: these artistic sports have sweat and stink too. They also include surfaces and equipment that need cleaning regularly.

Equipment Surfaces: gym equipment needs to be cleaned and protected without damaging surfaces. Spay and walk away (or wipe) knowing your expensive equipment surfaces are safe.

Sports Gear of All Kinds: stinky sweaty sports gear can be treated directly after every use to prevent odors. The bigger the stink, the more you should spray, and the more frequent you should spray. For really stinky gear spray heavily until saturated and let dry, then use regularly after each use. Fabric safe!

Yoga Mats: Spray down yoga mats, props and water bottles after each use.


Cages: Finish off every cage cleaning by spraying down the cage, bowls and toys and let air dry.

Dog Beds & Pet Gear: Dogs lick, chew and drool on a lot of things. Our furry friends are family members too: spray bowls, toys and beds regularly and let air dry.

Litter Boxes: after you scoop up the unwanted bits, prevent odors with a generous spray on what’s left.

Pet Accidents: clean up the mess and spray to eliminate odours