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Skin Rescue


Skin Rescue is a unique spray that protects your skin and promotes healing. It’s made from pure HOCI (hypochlorous acid) – an all-natural, non-toxic solution that can relieve redness and inflammation from dry and damaged skin, clean and tone acne-prone skin, and soothe irritated skin after shaving and waxing. You can also use it to promote the healing of cuts, scrapes, and wounds. And because it has the same pH as your skin, it won’t sting when applied and helps balance your skin's pH. Ingredients: water, hypochlorous acid (HOCl)

  • 100% natural
  • Zero unwanted ingredients
  • Pure HOCI solution
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance-free

Not available in Quebec.

Acne: Spray on affected areas and pat dry to reduce and prevent breakouts, and to speed up healing.

Aftershave: Apply after shaving your face, head, legs, or bikini area, spray on liberally and pat dry to alleviate irritation and redness from microlesions.

Band-Aids: Clean your wound, pat dry, and apply a band-aid. Soak the outside of the band-aid (on the pad area) with Skin Rescue for protection & healing support.

Burns: Apply regularly and air dry. Skin Rescue soothes and promotes healing of sunburns, contact burns (from touching a hot stove), and burns from cancer radiation treatments.

Chronic Wounds: If you have diabetes or a condition that causes chronic wounds, Skin Rescue can help reduce inflammation, prevent infection, and promote healing.

Earrings & Piercings: Apply Skin Rescue to treat an infection, or use regularly to clean and prevent infection.

Eczema Relief: Apply Skin Rescue to help heal damaged skin and to protect the moisture barrier.

Face Refresh: Spray your face and pat dry to reduce skin oiliness.

Hands: Apply to hands to relieve redness and dryness, or as a healing and soothing alternative to your primary hand sanitizer.

Make-up Remover: Spray your face after removing make-up. Pat dry, gently wiping around eye areas. Eyelid-safe.

Mask-Acne: Apply to your face regularly, throughout the day, to reduce mask-acne.

Mask Deodorizer: Between washings, spray Skin Rescue directly onto your mask and let it air dry.

Medical Access Points: For those with medical conditions that require a stoma, PICC, or blood sugar monitors, Skin Rescue can be used regularly to clean the access point and prevent infection and inflammation.

Pet First Aid: Spray onto cracked paws, cuts, scrapes, and wounds to prevent infection and promote healing. Let Skin Rescue sit on the affected area for a minute or two, then wipe off any excess. Safe to lick and ingest.

Rashes & Inflammation: Regular topical application of Skin Rescue will reduce inflammation.

Scrapes & Cuts: Spray on areas to flush out debris and keep bacteria out.

Waxing: While waxing eyebrows or bikini area, spray on liberally and pat dry to alleviate irritation and redness.