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Stay Fresh

$94.99 $137.88

Perfect for active sports enthusiasts. A fragrance-free deodorizer that eliminates odor at the source, perfect for hockey gear, sports equipment, athletic apparel, furniture, shoes or anywhere you encounter stink. Don’t have time for a shower and want to freshen up and deodorize? Or want to freshen up before intimate time? Face & Body Wipes are designed to be used all over your body. Want a fresh wipe for your next BM… enter flushable Butt Wipes, also perfect for camping! And finally, Skin Rescue, a unique spray that protects your skin and promotes healing. It’s made from pure HOCI (hypochlorous acid) – an all-natural, non-toxic solution that can relieve redness and inflammation from dry and damaged skin, clean and tone acne-prone skin, prevents maskne and soothe irritated skin after shaving and waxing. You can also use it to promote the healing of cuts, scrapes, and wounds. And because it has the same pH as your skin, it won’t sting when applied. All products contain the ingredients: water, hypochlorous acid (HOCl)

This bundle includes: